In The Wait - 6 Week Bible Study

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In The Wait - 6 Week Bible Study



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Most of us are all too familiar with the word "wait."

"Wait your turn" and "you just have to wait" are phrases we've heard since we were young. We learn waiting is a part of life, and we begin to accept it. Well, sort of... As we grow older, the seasons of waiting we face tend to get bigger and bigger with a myriad of additional challenges thrown into the mix.

Our lives often weave seamlessly in and out of seasons of waiting. Some seasons are simply annoying, while others are unbelievably stressful and painful. Some are so all consuming that they take our minds hostage allowing us to think of nothing else. We've all been there.

It might be hard to believe that there is a purpose to some of the most difficult, frustrating, and seemingly stagnant times in our lives, but there is.

Our goal in writing this study is to show it is possible to grow in a relationship with God and live life in full bloom. We want to provide you with real stories of hope, Biblical application, and the tools necessary to take action on making life happen; because recognizing the blessings in everyday is the first step toward a joy-filled life.

In The Wait is for:

  • Women of all ages who want to build a strong relationship with the Lord

  • Those who find themselves worried, anxious, or overwhelmed by their current season

  • Anyone who dreams of claiming victory and living a joy-filled life

Written by Heidi Anderson, Courtney Bobko, Holly Holt, Amanda Jass, and Chelsea Ritchie

Cover Art by Courtney Bobko

Cover Lettering by Heidi Anderson