Live Deeply - Fall 2015 Launch and a Giveaway!

In some ways, it's crazy to think this is actually happening... that we are here today celebrating the fall launch of a brand new collection of products with purpose!

One year ago, I was sitting with tears pouring down my cheeks wondering if we would ever be able to make it out of the black hole that surrounds living daily under the weight of medical issues. This big God-sized dream - to make a difference in the darkest places of life - seemed impossible. Could my words, my story, my art really impact those who I care about for the better?

I begged God to open my eyes and teach me the purpose behind the chaos we have faced, and now a year later I'm finally starting to see. There is beauty in the hard things. The experiences we live through are opportunities to bring glory to God's name as he creates beautiful things out of dust. Although we still deal with chronic illness daily, the storm has calmed and an un-explainable peace overwhelms my heart.

This new collection has been a labor of love, and I am so excited to share the story behind each piece in the weeks ahead. Creating these designs have taken me on a journey, each step forward healing my heart a bit more from the trauma of the past few years and fueling the burning passion inside to create a ministry for women, just like you and me, to live life deeply even in the midst of trials and heartache.

A special thank you goes out to my husband Derek who allows me to chase my dreams daily with unfailing support. Also, to my wonderful writing team for the In The Wait Study. Chelsea, Heidi, Amanda, and Courtney - you ladies mean more to me than words can possibly explain, and I am so grateful for your dedication, insight, and love as we worked together to bring this project to life. And finally, thank you for being here today and supporting us along the way!

So now it's time to toss the confetti and celebrate with all the YAYs! Want to join in with us? Head to the shop to check out the beautiful new products, enter the giveaway below, or stop by to send me a note! I'd love to connect with you more :)