When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

As I stand back and look I am continuously amazed and what God has done to get me to this point today. As I said, “I will love you for better or for worse, richer and poorer…” on our wedding day I can honestly say that I meant it, but I had no idea what this would really entail. I pictured the American Dream life. Everything was perfectly planned out (in my mind) and the future was bright.

Life wasn’t perfect, but the possibilities of life seemed infinite. I was looking forward to newlywed life - buying our first home, having kids, building community around us, and so much more. Basically I desired a life of comfort and ease all rotating around my needs.

Four months into our marriage the way I pictured our life came crashing down around us with two little words - chronic illness. Over the last few years we have slowly been picking up the pieces of our life and settling into a new normal - one that challenges me to my very core.

I still find myself chasing perfection, this world, and all the things that are in it, but I am slowly learning how to gain an eternal perspective. Each day is a choice to seek blessings, serve others, spread the gospel, and focus on what matters most.

Paul’s life is an inspiration to me for many reasons, but one that stands out significantly to me is his reckless abandonment of the comforts of this world and unfailing trust in the Lord for strength and comfort. Paul endured suffering unimaginable for us here in America - imprisonments, beatings, stoned, shipwrecked, dangers all around, lack of even what we would consider basic necessities. Paul knew what it meant to suffer. Yet in all of his suffering, he chose to boast in His weakness and in the power of Christ.

No matter what life threw his way, Paul was content with weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:10) His strength was found in the Lord.

No matter what we are facing today, true freedom is found in Christ.

When we are in the depths of despair, will we run into His open arms of truth? Will we lift our hands and say “lead me where my trust is without borders”? Will we really go wherever He calls us, even if that place is far outside our comfort zone?